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Van Tyres

Van tyres often face challenges that are a combination of light truck duty and passenger car duty. That makes it a little bit of a puzzle when it comes to choosing tyres. Now likely your tyre dealer will steer you in the right direction, but here are 4 tips to consider when choosing van tyres.

Minivans Vs. Cars Or Trucks

Certainly many minivans fit right with passenger cars when it comes to choosing tyres. That's so because of the weight of the vehicles and the loads they will be expected to carry. But that may not always be so. Some minivans are indeed used more like trucks and the loads carried should be considered when picking a tyre. Consider too that even some minivans are built n truck frames and ride and carry cargo like small to mid-size trucks or you buy the van tyres online.

Heavier Vans and light truck tryre

Full size vans certainly take on the character of pickup trucks. Most full size vans are in the weight range and the load carrying capacity of full size pickups. That often suggests a light truck tyre would be best for a bigger van. Some larger vans may even need more than a light truck tyre. Lightly loaded large vans may still work well with passenger car tyres, but often loads on these vans are marginal with passenger car tyres.

Trade-Offs With Truck Tyres

The switch from passenger car tyres to light truck tyres often happens because of load carrying capacity. The trade-off to get more load capacity is often ride quality and noise. The light truck tyres sport a heavier and stiffer construction specifically to handle more weight on the tyre. Van type price are or maybe different. All other things equal, that produces a harsher ride and less comfort. Also the stiffer construction coupled with aggressive tread pattern often produces more noise as well. Not always, but often truck tyres ride harsher and make more noise.

Tyres for vans

Many vans used like cars can use passenger car tyres. However, for hauling and towing trailers the car tyres may not be the best or safest choice. What sometimes happens is the vehicle begins to be used more and more like a truck as the capabilities of the vehicle are learned. You may not buy a van to use as a truck. But over time it becomes more of a truck as you realize how handy that capability is. That's where light truck tyres fit.

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Van tyres prices

Online tyre stores open up chances to save on tyres. The online tyre dealers survive based on at least three factors. They must have very informative, easy to use websites. They must have relatively low prices. They have to ship fast no matter you are buying light truck tyre sizes or minivan.

What that can do for you when you shop for van tyres is give you an easy way to learn about tyres available and an easy way to find a low price. Take that information with you when local shopping and you see how local selection and price compare to what you buy van tyres online.

Van tyres must often deal with challenges that are somewhat unique. Often vans end up with roles more like a light truck than a passenger car. In many cases truck tyres work well on certain types of vans. 

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